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Information about whether the stand can be dismounted. The default setup was more reliable and users will be pleased by the good gamma, white point and colour setup out of the box. Click for larger versions. The backlight is the source of light of the LCD display panels. Contrast ratio – we aim for as high as possible. In addition even if the input source is not one of the specific aspects listed, it will be forced to that aspect if you select it.

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27″ Dell UltraSharp UHM – Specifications

Colors Information about the colors, in which the specific model is offered to the dell 2713hm. Made With Responsible Materials: Dell 2713hm adjust screen brightness to suit your dell 2713hm.

The dell 2713hm sRGB emulation mode is a nice extra as it very closely matches the sRGB reference space, cutting back on any slight over-coverage from the native gamut. Not much different overall. This allowed me to obtain an optimum hardware starting point and setup before software level changes would be made at the graphics card level which would help preserve tonal values.

Thankfully it seems Dell have improved their control of the overdrive impulse, or perhaps toned it down a little, and achieved a better result in practice when it comes to moving images. An important thing to consider for most users is how a screen will perform out of the box and with some basic manual adjustments.

Like the 24″ U, the 27″ U is aimed more dell 2713hm professional graphics users and higher end work while also offering an all dell 2713hm feature and function set. Colour accuracy Default – Out of the box, the UHM had a better setup in terms of gamma, white point and colour accuracy.


Good default setup including reliable sRGB emulation mode and factory calibration.

Usually, this is required dell 2713hm wall mounting. Accidental damage coverage is also available at the time of purchase. Colour accuracy had also been corrected from the 1.

Storage altitude The storage altitude shows the maximum possible altitude for secure storing of the display. View of dell 2713hm all black screen from the side. You can access the 2713m factory menu as well but be careful not to change anything without knowing what you’ve done or how to change dell 2713hm back.

Dell U2713HM LED LCD Monitor

Backlighting dell 2713hm Colour Gamut. Stay up to date: The storage temperature shows the range from a minimum to a maximum temperature, within which storing of the display is considered to be safe. This might be useful for colour critical work in the sRGB colour space. The front is nice and clean, lacking any stickers or text aside from the Dell 2713hm deell, and all the OSD controls are handled by a set of unlabeled buttons on the right-hand side.

There are very few monitors which don’t use PWM for backlight dimming although we have started to see a few more recently. Operating temperature The operating temperature shows the safe temperature range from minimum to maximumdell 2713hm which the display will function flawlessly. The camera picked out some slight unevenness and some clouding from the backlight in the four corners.


The U suffered from more noticeable overshoot artefacts. It also remained free from the reflections you might experience from a full 273hm solution so seemed dell 2713hm be a good half-way between the two. It provide a decent balance dell 2713hm the screen and it remains sturdy when positioned on the desk.

Many professional monitors as well as some TVs have programmable internal LUTs allowing more control over the image.

Indeed, the UHM delivers excellent color fidelity which remains true when viewed from an extreme angle, and while not exactly a power miser, it uses less power than several recently reviewed IPS displays. At the maximum brightness setting the screen used However, the resolution here on the UHM is of course the same as it dell 2713hm before, being x from the 27″ panel.

A refresh rate of 60Hz allows you to enjoy your favorite video and dell 2713hm media without delay or lagging. dell 2713hm

Dell UHM Specs – CNET

This takes all dell 2713hm the guesswork out of navigating the OSD dell 2713hm is ideal for working in a dimly lit environment.

Those wanting to use the screen in low lighting conditions shouldn’t have any issue here. Where I was not able to separate the two they are shown in grey. Backlight The backlight is sell source of light of the LCD display panels.