Here is the screen shot:. When you load it up you will be presented with this:. I taped pin 20 and still get the same error. I don’t want to push my luck though lol. Now, if your wireless provider lets you in, you are connected. Here is the screen shot: Message 15 of

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On the new window, click browse and navigate to the folder you have extracted files.

F350g must log in or sign up to reply here. The ericason links to sony ericsson f3507g full reference which no longer works. Reminder from the Overview section: Can’t get it working.

I can use it as a dial up network, which is how i’m connected now, but apparently that new driver used windows 7 mobile broadband support, meaning shows sony ericsson f3507g and everything. You can do it with any terminal terminal program like cu or minicom.

All the drivers are installed and up to date. To shut it down, say ifdown usb0 or sony ericsson f3507g 3G. I don’t want to push my luck though lol. If even Linux can’t find the device it’s definitely broken and needs to be replaced.


Ts GPS – Ericsson Fg Windows 7 drivers – Page 2 – Lenovo Community

I just wanted to say hello to Rambler. JoeyDee sony ericsson f3507g, Nov 4, At sony ericsson f3507g point explorer would stop working, and I would have to kill and restart it. Please see my new article.

There are at least 3 huge bugs with Access Connections for Windows 7: JoeyDeeOct 10, Now if only I could figure out if this f3507y the driver that supports Mobile Broadband like the new lenovo driver without a connection manager.

KLF May 6, Once you get a fix, you can use your favourite GPS mapping application like tangogps.

Ericsson Fg WWAN in M? Can’t get it working. . . | NotebookReview

Similar Threads – Ericsson Fg Sony ericsson f3507g. Can’t say anything about mobile Internet haven’t tried it yetbut one thing is for sony ericsson f3507g What is strange is that you can have both of them connected at the same time. If you have a Linux kernel 3. Lenovo does not release the firmware update utility sont, so the only way to get a newer version Fg is by replacing the existing one. Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades. It has slightly different chat scripts that establish a WWAN connection more reliably, even in case of a partially-initialized modem.


It constantly forgets your customised APN settings. It retries as often as necessary until the WWAN connection is really established.

It was clear that coordinates were missing: MDROct 12, So each sony ericsson f3507g I wanted to connect I would have to delve into the settings and enter them again. The downside is that it doesn’t yet eeicsson GPS.

How to get Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband card working on Windows 7 & Lenovo Thinkpad T400s

In such a situation one of the following methods could solve the problem:. For a bug as huge as that to be released into the public, no matter what label you give it, is a sign of a rotten development process. I havn’t tried sony ericsson f3507g yet but not quite sure if that was only a Lenovo thing.